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This is my gallery. Come on in and don't get lost :devilish:


My collection grows everyday :evillaugh:



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Stolen from RedBlackStripe

1. Would you give a thousand days if it meant that you could most definitely meet one specific person for 24 hours? Oh gosh, I can't really answer this one ^^;

2. What is your biggest pet peeve in a person? Blatant hypocrisy/double standards and believe that what they do isn't wrong and justifiable :disbelief:  

3. Think of the last two games you played, merge them together. You now live there. How fucked are you? It's been a long time since I played video games, so this question cannot be answered :doh:

4. What happens if Pinocchio says 'my nose is going to grow now'? He's got wood ;p

5. Bald or hairy? (HUE) Umm....what :O_o:
6. Would you rather be liked or respected? Probably respected :)

7. Is there anyone in particular you are thinking of at the moment? If so, why? Yes and reason why is because of history I've had with this person :worry:

8. If you can have any actual animal in real-life as a pet or steed, what would you go for? Lately, I've had dragons on my mind :XD:

9. What cheers you up when you are down? Anything humorous but not mean-spirited :D

10. Name one thing that you did in your life that you feel has made a change on your perspective of things. I am Internet savvy, now I see how screwed up people really are when they have the anonymous cloak on them :roll:
Question created by RedBlackStripe

1. What is your favorite song? The one you can sing to even if you join it halfway through and can't really hear it? I got tones of songs that can be applied on this question :lol:

2. Do you game? If so what is your favorite game or series of games? Not so much these days ^^;

3. Do you watch Game Of Thrones? No nor have read the books the show is based on either :no:

4. What's your favorite thing to create for dA? Drawings, especially as I see how I progressed :aww:

5. Take the last thing you ate and weaponize it. What is it and how much damage does it do? Cookies and they do a lot of damage that lead to :icondiabetesplz:

6. Do you know who the Game Grumps are? If so, who's your favorite? I have heard of them but have no interest in watching them :iconsnobplz:

7. Are you thirsty? Not really :shrug:

8. If you had to pick, Warrior, Rogue or Mage? Mage, just so I can shoot lightning and stuff :empllama:

9. How do you like to relax? Find some way to release stress, anxiety, etc. from myself :meditate:

10. What is your greatest achievement? I admit, I don't think I have one :depressed:

I would put some questions of my own but I got nothing :shrug:

Omega member of Wolf-Spirits-United

I'm Manda in the deviantART Toho Monster Crew!

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