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This is my gallery. Come on in and don't get lost :devilish:


My collection grows everyday :evillaugh:




Years from now we'll be asked: where were you when they took over the world? And we'll answered: we just stood by and watched because logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
"No man is an island" - John Donne

Well, John Donne never met me...
So I saw a TV ad for the upcoming Deadpool movie and saw it was given an "R" rating. I wonder if it'll flip-flop between "R" and "PG-13" like I vaguely remember when I saw TV ads for the 1999 version of The Mummy :hmm:
Well, heard about the job position and....I didn't get it :doh: I should be hearing from another potential employment opportunity at the end of the month. Until then, I'll keep with the job searching and may have some volunteer work :fingerscrossed:
This Friday could be a big day for me. I may be hired for a permanent job. I will give an update during the weekend.
  • Mood: Tense
Letting you all know beforehand that I will be heading out of state next Thursday for an interview I will be having Friday morning. So chances are I won't very active those two days and I'll try to catch up on things that weekend since I will have relatives visiting :)

On a dA note, I'm currently working on a piece featuring four OCs of mine, which may be the last time I do anything with them. Turns out my attempts at a "retcon" seem to be a flop and I have no passion to keep at one of the things that brought be to this site anymore. Unsure if that will transition to me loosing passion for everything else :saddrunk:

While I don't to delay myself with getting this piece done (I've had my share of a dA drought), I think it would be best to focus on my upcoming interview first :hmm:

Omega member of Wolf-Spirits-United

I'm Manda in the deviantART Toho Monster Crew!

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Just want to say thanks for reading and commenting on Universe's End up to now! The two page epilogue will be posted by mj probably next week. After that I plan to put up a journal asking for reviews on the story as a whole.
Once again, I am honored for you taking the time to comment on my story!
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