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With my semester over, this break looks to be a good opportunity for me to get back into drawing projects I have planned :) I'll see what I can do with uploading them since I won't have access to a scanner. Perhaps I'll do what I've done in the past :plotting:

Still dealing the issue of retconning a number of characters or not having them at all in said retcon. If you can guess from the title, I have ran into an issue regarding my villain OCs. Some time ago, I made a journal talking about how villains were not as difficult as heroes when it comes to creating distinct personalities Pieces of MeLike many of you with OCs, I try to make well-written characters especially if they are going to be featured more than once and not part of a single story arc. And like you, I try to make their personalities distinct and/or something that people can understand or relate to. These characterizations can either strike an important point or be a straw man fallacy. I like to share some of my characters and what makes them who they are. Some of them were created as a way for me to share my views of the world.
There are characters that overlap into several of these personalities so I'll be sure to point that out.      
Misanthropy and cynicism: Exhibited mainly by Necross who sees humans as a species of contradictions that are born of ignorance and bigotry, which can never be bred away and are delusional to believe they are masters of the Earth. Necross believes the only purpose for humans are to be in servitude for to non-human creatures that they dro

Fast-forward to the present, I have hit a roadblock and, quite frankly, I am most likely making a mountain out of a molehill. The issue is I don't want my villains to be one-dimensional straw man characters or the "they are not a bad person, their tragic backstory made them a misunderstood character" trope. I guess what I am getting at can I have a villain be terrible, malevolent being who knows they are a terrible, malevolent being without appearing to be a weak character in terms of character development.

I am sorry if this does not make a whole lot of sense or anyone reading this has trouble understanding what I am trying to say ^^; Not to invoke further frustration, I'm growing anxious with going through all this or not because, as much as I don't want my characters' personalities taken out of context, I don't want to make these changes in order to get the approval of others :slamhead:      

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I'm Manda in the deviantART Toho Monster Crew!

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